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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C7769-60390
Produs compatibil cu:HP DESIGNJET 800 (24-INCH)  HP DESIGNJET 815 MFP  HP DesignJet 500 (24-inch)  HP DesignJet 500 (42-inch)  HP DesignJet 500PS (24-inch/Postscript)  HP DesignJet 500PS (42-..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C7770-60274
C7770-60274  Carriage assembly trailing cable kit   DesignJet  815mfp (Q1279A) DesignJet  820mfp (Q6685A) DesignJet 500ps Series (C7769C/C7770C) DesignJet 800ps Series (C7779C) (C7780C) DesignJet 500 42" (C7770B) DesignJet 500 Plus 42" (C7770F/C7770G) DesignJet 800 42" (C7780B/C..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C7770-60287
HP C7770-60287 / C7770-60276 Genuine New OEM HP DesignJet Plotter  C7770-60287 / C7770-60276 MAINTENANCE KIT 42 INCHES DesignJet 500/800 42 inch model preventive maintenance kit - Includes idler pulley spring tensioner carriage assembly service station cutter assembly setup pen ass..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C4705-60082
C4705-60082-GEN Belt Designjet 430 450C 455 Generic ..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C6072-60182
C6072-60198 -GEN Curea plotter DJ 1055CM 36 INCH Generic ..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C6072-60198
C6072-60198Carriage Drive Belt Kit HP DesignJet 1050C/1055CMCUREA PLOTER HP DESIGNJET 1050C/1055CM C6072-60198.SE INLOCUIESTE CAND SE DETERIOREAZA...
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C7769-60165
  C7769-60165 Left spittoon assembly - Contains absorbers which hold excess ink from printheads Produsul este compatibil cu urmatoarele echipamente:  DesignJet 800 (24-inch) DesignJet 815mfpDesignJet 500 (..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C7769-60183
C7769-60183 Encoder Strip 24 inch HP DesignJet 500 800 820mfp ..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C7769-60254
C7769-60254 - Encoder Disc Assy HP Designjet 500/510/800 24" and 42" Series ..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C7769-60373
C7769-60373Ink Supply Station (ISS) - Includes ink pump motor, pump sensor, and out-of-ink sensors - Installed in right side of printer  Produsul este compatibil cu urmatoarele echipamente:  DesignJet 800 (24-inch) DesignJet 815mfp..
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Brand: HEWLETT-PACKARD Model: C7769-60374
  C7769-60374   produs COMPATIBIL CU:HP/Compaq DesignJet 500/510/800/815 MFPHP Service Station Assembly DESIGNJET  500/800 C7769-60374.SE INLOCUIESTE CAND ECHIPAMENTUL AFISEAZA MESAJ DE INLOCUIRE.C7769-60374 HP Service Station Assembly DESIGN..
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